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Traverse City Surveyor

Do You Own More Land Than You Think?

Surveyors Traverse CityPart of the beauty of life in Michigan is the ability to spread out, stretch your legs, and enjoy a quiet life. Many fortunate homeowners in Michigan have sprawling pieces of land, which allow them to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, and maintain a large distance from their neighbors. The problem with large tracts of land is that the boundaries of that land are often unclear. Likewise you may live in a subdivision or an older neighborhood with seemingly obvious property lines but it seems odd that your neighbor seems to mow closer to your house each year and is now planting a garden right on the assumed property line. If you worry that you may own more land than you think, or wish to determine the exact boundaries of your property, an experienced northern Michigan land surveyor can help. DPS Surveying & Mapping land surveyors in Traverse City are experienced professionals serving northwestern MI including Mesick, Wexford, Manistee, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau and Antrim Counties

Neighborly Divide

Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Truer words may never have been spoken when it comes to the division and ownership of property. Knowing the exact location of your property line can stop neighborly disputes in their tracks. When you buy a piece of property, it is a good idea to hire a professional land surveyor in Traverse City who can tell you exactly where your neighborly divide is located.

Encroachment Issues

In some cases, one might worry that a neighbor is encroaching on their property lines. Encroachment occurs when a neighbor, or their property, protrudes across property lines and onto property that does not belong to them. This often causes disputes and problems between neighboring property owners. In some cases, a neighbor will suddenly dispute the location of a structure on the property, such as a shed or garage, or even a swing set. In these instances, a northern Michigan land surveyor can come to your property and perform a survey, which will determine the metes and bounds of your property and tell you exactly where the boundary lies between your property and your neighbor’s property.

Resolving Disputes

The results of a professional land survey are held in court. If you and your neighbor cannot come to an agreement after reviewing the land survey results, you can take the survey to the county court house. Once there, the judge will be able to review the survey and determine who has rights to the property in question. The judge will make a ruling and both parties must adhere to that ruling. In this way, a professional land survey can help you and your neighbor bring about a prompt and amenable solution to any boundary or encroachment disputes that you may be experiencing.

If you’re looking for an experienced professional northern Michigan land surveyor contact the Traverse City land surveyors at DPS Surveying & Mapping. Owner David Heydlauff has over been surveying the Grand Traverse region since 1975 and has extensive experience in many different surveying and mapping specialties as well as offering legal expert services. He continues to stay current on evolving regulations and technological advancements and is a member of several professional organizations. You can count on DPS to render timely, accurate and completely professional services at a fair price.

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