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Traverse City Surveyor for Legal Expert Services

Traverse City Surveyor David Heydlauff

Traverse City Surveyor David Heydlauff

At first thought, it may seem as though the terms ‘land surveyor’ and ‘legal expert services’ do not belong in the same sentence. However, despite the physical and tangible nature of a Traverse City surveyor’s job, they are often called on to provide legal guidance, assist with the settlement of legal disputes, or even act as a professional witness in a court of law.

What is a Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor is a highly trained individual who specializes in interpreting legal descriptions and in the determining, marking and recording the boundaries, inclusions, and characteristics of a piece of land. Traverse City  surveyors provide a wealth of services, including property line determinations, riparian boundary opinions, and topographical surveys. They are hired by commercial property owners and private property owners, as well as lending institutions.

Ensuring Licensure

Almost every state has strict licensing requirements in terms of who can and cannot provide a property owner with an official land survey. In order to be considered valid and be upheld in a court of law, a property survey must be conducted by a legally licensed land survey company.

Hiring a Land Surveyor

Lending institutions hire a licensed Traverse City surveyor to provide a mortgage survey prior to lending money for a property purchase. They do this in order to protect their financial interests. However, there are many times where a property owner should hire a professional land surveyor. These include times when it is necessary to determine the boundaries of the land, determining whether a structure falls within the boundaries of the land, and determining whether or not other people are entitled to use all or part of your property due to the inclusion of an easement or right-of-way.

Legal Services

Land survey companies and their official reports are often used and referenced in legal disputes. Most times, these disputes are raised between neighboring property owners and involve the location of a structure or the use of a person’s property as a pathway or point of access. In nearly all instances, the supposed property owner takes issue with the location of a building or the use of his or her land and contacts a land survey company in order to provide an updated land survey. This survey is used to determine the exact property lines of the property, as well as whether or not an easement or right-of-way has been granted to outside parties.

Legal Expert

In nearly all instances, the report that is provided by the land survey company will hold its own in court. However, in more severe or questionable situations, the survey company itself is called to testify. In instances such as these, it can be beneficial for a property owner to rely on the legal expertise of his land survey company in determining property lines and searching county records for filed documents that may affect the use of his property.

In Northern Michigan some landowners may leave their property uninhabited for generations and property may go many years before getting an updated survey. This makes it easy to see how there can be discrepancies between what two people believe to be their property. Having a precise survey completed by an experienced Traverse City surveyor that also can serve as an expert legal witness if needed, is a valuable asset.

If you believe that you may need a survey conducted in the Traverse City area includingAntrim, Benzie, Leelanau, Manistee, Grand Traverse, or Wexford County contact Traverse City surveyor David Heydlauff of DPS Surveying & Mapping. This Traverse City surveyor has been conducting land surveys and serving as a legal witness in the Northern Michigan area since 1975. Call (231) 715-1318 or email to reach him today.