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Surveyors Leelanau – Subdivision Platting

Leelanau County, Michigan, is the home to a lot of new construction. Buildings are being constructed by the dozen, and new homes and businesses seem to appear on a daily basis. As such, Leelanau surveyors like DPS Surveying & Mapping based out of Traverse City, MI have been busy performing land surveys that are related to both the construction and sale of the property in the county. This is especially important in the design and construction of new housing subdivisions.

Subdivision platting is the process of dividing one large piece of land into multiple, smaller pieces of land. These smaller pieces of land are used for home construction and sold to private owners.  A plat is a map, which is drawn to scale, in order to show the division of the larger piece of land. The professional land surveyors Leelanau County has, are charged with drafting subdivision plats that outline the division of land for construction and sale.

Subdivision plats are very detailed. In some instances, the map is topographic, illustrating the exact elevation of each individual plat. In others, however, the map is flat. The large parcel of land is divided into multiple blocks, which are bordered by streets, sidewalks, and natural vegetation and waterways. These individual blocks are further divided into lots. Each lot is then the site of home construction and is eventually sold to a private owner.

Surveyors Leelanau MIPlats should be filed with the county in which they are located, so in this case the surveyors file them in Leelanau County. The filing of plats allow county officials, land surveyors, and property owners, to have the ability to refer to each plat by legal description, which includes the block and lot numbers of the plat.

Leelanau County surveyors are charged with the measurement, design, and division of large pieces of land that are used to create subdivisions. This process is lengthy and detailed. The tract of land must be accurately surveyed and then divided into a predetermined number of plats in order to create the subdivision that is desired by the property owner. The work does not stop there, however. Once the design is mapped, Leelanau surveyors must submit the subdivision map to a governing body, which must review and approve that plat before construction can begin.

In most counties, the zoning board is charged with reviewing and approving subdivision plats. In urban areas, a city planning board or public works department is in charge of reviewing, approving, and overseeing the process.

DPS Surveying & Mapping surveyors work in Leelanau and across Northern Michigan to accurately divide and record property boundaries.  If you are looking for an experienced surveyor in Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Manistee or Wexford Antrim contact DPS Surveying & Mapping today for a complimentary quote.

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