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Carlson 30th Anniversary User Conference – Cincinnati, OH ( April 7-10, 2013) – Like most software, 90 percent of the software is never touched or looked into.  This week long training dug into that 90 percent to help us see a greater ways to use our software and help us provide an even better product to our clients.  A couple of intriguing items were the ability to integrate some background from GOOGLE Earth and other free product into our projects to give a greater perspective of how the lay of the land runs with the property lines.  Other training helped us see different adjustment solutions available for our data being collected.  We met surveyors from all over the world from Russia, Canada, Africa, Europe, South America, as well as many of the States, that use this software for engineering, machine grading, mining, and surveying.  It was a pleasant 80°F the whole week there.  We came back to 30°F snow and sleet.

MISS DIG – Damage Prevention – Traverse City (Mar.12, 2013) – Training was presented by MISS DIG to inform contractors, and home owners about the new revisions to the MISS DIG law being presented to the state of Michigan Legislature April.  It basically requires anyone digging more than 12 inches below ground surface to contact the MISS DIG system and acquire a ticket for any digging or excavations of land.  This law will affect property surveys because we need to dig to locate property corners with a shovel.   We are required to set monument that measure 18 inches in length in the ground for property corners.

MSPS Annual Meeting – Bellaire, MI (Feb. 19-22, 2013) – Dave attended various classes for continuing education training The societies annual meeting provides an excellent opportunity to keep brushed up on the existing survey standards and regulations in practice for a surveyor in Michigan.   The speakers came from through out the United States.  Classes that were sat in are:   “Cha..Cha..Changes” and “The Seven Deadly Sins of Surveying” by Larry Phipps; Techniques for Retracement of Historical Surveys; Successful Safety Management;  FEMA Maps & Base Elevation Determination by Susan Conradson; Carlson Software – 3D Modeling -by Tom Peak; Better Utilization of Survey Pro Data; Burt Solar Compass  by the Ferris State University Students; Case Studies in Riparian Boundary Issues, Public Land System by Gregory Asher; Waters, Wetland, and the DEQ Permit Process by Jeff Silagy; Michigan Survey Law – Where to find it by Carl Shangraw; Encroachment Resolution & Conservation Easements on State Land by Lori Burford; The Trial Court System by Michelle Donovan & Mark Nasr; Surveys of the CCC Era by Craig McVean

National Geodetic Survey – Great Lakes Regional Height Modernization Consortium – (November 1 and 2, 2012) DpS participated in a two day training course with the Great Lake States of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota on the  new vertical datums and geoid model  with NOAA.  Presentations were given by NOAA and the Department of Transportation from each state to share what project each have going on in the upcoming years in upgrading their control networks to help the public out.

First Aid / CPR / Adult AED –  Dave Heydlauff completed an eight-hour certification course in First Aid, Adult CPR, and Adult AED with the American Red Cross on July 27, 2012.  Taking classes such as these are part of DpS Health and Safety Plan to be ready in an accident that may involve our employees, and also ready to help someone in the general public if a case arises.  We have been an accident free company since our inception and would like to continue having an untarnished record in the future.  This certification is valid for two years by the Red Cross.