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Northern MI and Leelanau Surveyors focus on Education

Leelanau Surveyors Continuing EdNo industry is immune to the demand of continuing education. Leelanau surveyors and their clients demand quality services and up-to-date information, which can only be obtained through continuing professional education. In the state of Michigan, an emphasis is being placed on continuing education for licensed land surveyors. DpS Surveying and Mapping’s surveyor Dave Heydlauff is based out of Traverse City but also serves as a Leelanau surveyor, Antrim, Grand Traverse, Manistee, Antrim, Wexford and Benzie surveyor. Heydlauff prides himself in taking advantage of continuing education opportunities as they arise and staying informed of new technology, techniques and laws impacting Northern MI surveyors.

The Need for Surveyor Education

Continuing education is a necessity. It provides professionals with the opportunity to learn about new technology and new developments within their field, as well as staying up to date on the latest rules and regulations that govern their particular industry. In addition, continuing education, especially in the form of hands-on training, allows professionals to maintain their skills and improve the services that they provide. This is true for many industries, and it is certainly true for Leelanau surveyors as well as other Northern MI surveyors.

Adapting to Technology

The field of land surveying has transformed in recent years. Measurements and markings that were once made using manual methods such as stakes, chains, and survey stations are now being performed electronically. The advancements in technology offer many benefits to surveyors whom learn to use the technology properly and maintain methods for cross checking for accuracy.  By participating in continuing education programs, Leelanau surveyors like David Heydlauff have the opportunity to learn about technological advancements and understand how to use the technology in order to provide accurate and reliable services to his clients.

Handling Changes within the Field

Like many professional industries, the field of land surveying is changing every day. Many of these changes can be attributed to the state of the economy. Large land survey firms are becoming scarce, and professionals within the field are starting their own practices and slashing their service rates in order to generate income. The use of technology has also drastically altered the land survey field. Technological advances have changed the methodology behind land surveys, eliminated the need for multiple men in the field, and sped up the process of producing finished surveys. Participation in continuing education courses prepares professional surveyors, like Leelanau surveyor David Heydlauff based out of Traverse City for these changes within the field, as well as changes that lay on the horizon.


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