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Land Surveyors Traverse City: Modern Challenges

Land surveyors Traverse CityLand surveyors – Traverse City and beyond are charged with the responsibility of completing all measurements needed to determine the positions of points on or under ground and to then relay the information in a usable format or to set the position of points on or under the earth’s surface.  In simplistic terms land surveyors measure, map and locate precise points and areas of land on the surface and under ground. Sounds simple enough, and there in lay the problem.


Lack of Knowledge

Land surveying is actually a very challenging profession, but the Internet is king these days, and home and property owners often assume that they can find all of the information that they need to know simply by searching Google or referencing some documents. Unfortunately, many clients who could utilize the services of a land surveyor are unaware that they need this type of service. Lack of knowledge and education about the services that are provided by land surveyors translates to clients missing out on essential land survey services.


Translating Information

Land surveyors – Traverse City and abroad must have the ability to analyze a written property description and then translate that information into specific locations on or beneath the earth’s surface. This requires specialized training, situational awareness and mathematical prowess. It can include translating complex CAD designs, integrating measurements from a variety of different instruments and working with conflicting measurements.


Land Surveyors Skills

In addition to spatial awareness and the ability to interpret detailed documents and give them practical applications land surveyors from Traverse City, MI to Tokyo, Japan must have a strong mathematical skills including geometry and trigonometry as well as physics and engineering.


Changing Legislation

Land surveyors in Traverse City and across the country must know the law as it relates to surveying and stay abreast of changing legislation.


Interpreting Poor Information

Northern Michigan land surveyors like David Heydlauff of Traverse City benefit from the highly evolved precise survey instruments that enable him to perform quick, and exact measurements. This does however create a conflict when working with older surveys and documents created using subordinate tools. Land surveyors – Traverse City and around the world are then responsible for interpreting this sometimes, inaccurate information and creating an exact land survey from it.


Licensed land surveyors – Traverse City surveyors like David Heydlauff in particular, strive to provide superior services through continuing education, extensive experience and a dedication to putting the client first.



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