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Why Surveyors are Needed

Why Northern Michigan Land Surveyors are Important

Certificate of Survey - Page 1

Certificate of Survey – Page 1

Using the elements of geometry, trigonometry, physics, engineering, and law, land surveyors accurately determine the terrestrial or 3-D position of points and the distances and angles between them to help establish maps and boundaries for land ownership and governmental purposes. Many surveyors conduct detailed studies by gathering observational information and field measurements, conducting questionnaires, researching legal instruments, and performing data analysis to plan, design, and establish property boundaries.

The most common mistake made by home buyers is not hiring a Traverse City land surveyor prior to purchasing property. Without a survey, property owners do not possess any recourse at a later date if service company easements exist. For example, if you build a patio, pool, driveway, or garage over part of the access rights, an electric, water, or sewage company can remove such improvements to perform repairs and maintenance. A Traverse City surveyor can perform a topographic survey to also locate utility lines, and man-made and natural features on a specific piece of land prior to starting any new construction.

Surveyors in Traverse City can also perform flood surveys to determine if property is at risk for flooding. Most of the time you cannot determine such by simply looking at the land in question and sometimes even flood maps do not give you an accurate answer. A flood survey will determine the elevation of a home or building and then compare it to the base flood elevation. A professional surveyor can tell you whether or not property is located in a flood hazard zone and how best to proceed. A Traverse City land surveyor can also give you an elevation certificate if your insurance company requires such prior to purchasing flood insurance.

Since a house and/or land investment will probably be the largest one you will make in a lifetime, knowing where its property lines is extremely important. Land surveyors in Traverse City can obtain precise measurements to determine the size and boundary of various properties. This is extremely helpful if any disputes with a neighbor arise in terms of where your own property ends and theirs starts such as determining if your fence or new building construction encroaches on another’s land. Also, if your family decides to divide a tract of land and transfer ownership to other members, hiring a Traverse City surveyor can help prevent an expensive fix for a mistaken building location.

David Heydlauff of DpS Surveyig & Mapping has been working as a surveyor in the Traverse City area since 1975.  He is an expert land surveyor in Northern Michigan including Manistee, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Leelanau, Antrim and Wexford County.