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Grand Traverse Surveyors: How Land Surveying Has Changed

northern mi land surveyor theodoliteLand surveying, with its modern tools such as GPS, may seem like a fairly recent development. This is not the case. Land surveying is a practice that is, truly, as old as time. The first recorded use of land surveying can be traced back to Egypt, during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The year was 2700BC.

Needless to say, the methodology of land surveying has changed over time.

The most rudimentary land surveying tools that were used included physical marking instruments, such as stakes and twine, and, more recently, chain links. The measurement of the links was a known variable, and was used in order to help surveyors determine the distance between two points. As the craft developed, land surveyors, including Grand Traverse surveyors used compasses in order to calculate the angles of various directional pieces of land.

At its inception, land surveying was not an exact art. There were many errors and inconsistencies, due to the nature of the tools that were used.

These days, thankfully, Grand Traverse surveyors have access to modern tools and programs. These programs not only increase the ease of surveying a piece of land, they also help to ensure that the ultimate survey results are more accurate. Modern land surveyors utilize survey global positioning systems, also known as GPS, in order to determine their exact location in relation to a known point on a piece of land. The data that is collected during a physical land survey is then interpreted and translated into an accurate and dependable survey. These days, land surveys are not only used to determine ownership of a piece of property, but they are also used to determine construction needs, assist with site design, and even obtain the necessary construction permits.

It is important to partner with a licensed land surveyor who is educated on the most modern methods that are used to obtain accurate and dependable land surveys. If you are looking for land survey services in the counties of Antrim, Benzie, Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Leelanau, or Manistee, Michigan, look no further than Grand Traverse surveyor David Heydlauff. With more than 37 years of experience, the staff of DPS can provide customers with quality land survey services for residential and commercial properties. Their line of services includes boundary surveys, mortgage surveys, utility, easement, FEMA, and governmental agency surveys. The latest technology is utilized in order to create each and every land survey that the company provides.