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Grand Traverse Surveyor: Land Surveying Helps Avoid Litigation

Easement Survey

Grand Traverse Surveyor | Easement Survey

Boundary disputes are the topic of many litigation cases throughout the United States each and every year. This type of litigation often begins as a simple discussion between neighbors, as to who owns a particular piece of property. Each neighbor consults his deed and title documents, hoping to determine a clear “winner.” When the information is not found, the case often heads to court.

There are three main types of title disputes that are heard in courtrooms across the country. These include structural encroachment, tree encroachment, and easement request. Structural encroachment litigation is initiated as the result of one neighbor building a structure – such as a shed, garage, or fence – on the perceived property of another neighbor. Tree encroachment is similar, however, these cases are often more complex as they relate to branch encroachment or boundary trees. Easement disputes are the final type of title dispute that occurs. An easement is a legal document that grants one party access to another party’s property for the purpose of accessing either shared or private property, such as a beach or utility pole. Easements also cover such aspects as shared driveways.

In all of these cases, a professional Grand Traverse surveyor will be called in to determine precisely where the boundary is, as it is described in the person’s deed. Land surveyors will perform surveys of each piece of land, determining the location, measurements, and positioning of each parties’ property line. There may be a conflict between the deeds of the owners, if that is the case the two owners may come to an agreement, or the court will determine which deed will be honored.  If the landowners are able to come to a common agreement, a surveyor can locate that common line and prepare new descriptions to clear up the conflict of deeds.

In addition to performing a land survey, the judge will likely request a title search. A title search will provide both parties and their attorneys with copies of the original deeds and documents related to each piece of land. Title searches will also provide relevant related documents, such as previously granted easements and concessions.

If you are having a dispute with a neighbor and wish to avoid going to court, contact a licensed land survey company in the Traverse City area. A licensed Grand Traverse surveyor will have the skills and ability to survey your property, determine the correct boundaries of your property in comparison to your neighbor’s property, and declare the true legal owner of the land in question. The costs of hiring a land surveyor can be significantly lower than the related costs of an attorney, a trial, and perhaps the relocation of your personal structures.

DPS Surveying and Mapping has over 30 years of experience surveying in the Traverse City area and utilizes the most modern surveying methods including GPS to obtain the most dependable surveys possible. If you are looking for a reliable Grand Traverse surveyor in the Northern Michigan area, including Antrim, Benzie, Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Manistee call DPS Surveying and Mapping at (231) 715-1318 today.