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DPS Northern MI Land Surveyors Pricing

DPS Northern MI land surveyors will set the price for services depending on several different factors.

Estimates for a land survey will vary according to the anticipated time it will take to complete the job, the materials used and the conditions of the ground for the time of year.

Information that Helps Prepare an Accurate Estimate

When you call DPS Northern MI land surveyors for a quote, here are some questions you may be asked during a preliminary conversation:

northern-mi-land-surveyors-pricing• Where is the site location? Address and tax ID may be requested.

• What is the site like? Is it open, wooded, swampy, hilly or level?

• What do you hope to accomplish with the survey? Some people hope to find corners or may need to prepare information for a local government agency. Others may be splitting a parcel of land or trying to sort out problems with neighbors.

• Has someone advised you have a land survey completed?

• Do you need a topographic survey?

• What is your deadline?

It is not unusual for a land surveyor to visit the site to verify the estimate. A professional surveyor will not do boundary surveys from tax descriptions but rather will ask for a copy of the deed or title work. A little investigation into the background of the property is standard, with the surveyor researching to confirm information through aerials, tax maps, quadrangle maps, online and from recorded surveys through the county register of deeds.

Other Considerations

Once the land surveyor has all the pertinent information, a free quote for service will be prepared. There are many considerations factored into writing a proposal to estimate how much time it will take to complete the requested land survey. These include:

• Additional research time, project set up and pre-calculations

• Travel time to and from the site

• Reconnaissance time on the site – how long it will likely take given the topography since getting through heavy brush and swamps or across streams will take more time than over flat land

• Control traverse or GPS availability – if a site is wooded, has few open areas or is close to buildings it typically requires traversing between corners to meet survey standards

• Structures, driveways and utility easements may need to be located and documented

• Computation and analysis of the data collected

• Preparation of the map / drawing

• Completing the survey report and descriptions

• Recording documents

• FedEx fees if required

Choosing a respected, experienced land surveyor will ensure you receive a fair price estimate for your surveying job. The effort put into preparing a quality proposal is a preview of the kind of work you will receive when the work is completed.

Contact Northern MI land surveyors at DPS Surveying including Traverse City surveyor David Heydlauff of DPS Surveying & Mapping, LLC for exceptional surveying and mapping services for the Antrim, Benzie, Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Wexford, Leelanau and Manistee Counties of Northern Michigan.


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